SAD NEWS: Passing of CDR Eleanor Ann Bednowicz Rickover, (NC) USN Retired

On July 6, 2021 CDR Eleanor Rickover,(NC)USN, Ret., widow of ADMIRAL Hyman G. Rickover, USN (Ret.), the “Father of the Nuclear Navy”, passed away at age 91. She was his second wife, the first passing away in 1972. He met Eleanor while in a hospital; she was his nurse-in-charge and made him follow her orders while there. They married in 1972.  The link is a tribute to Eleanor Rickover, written by a 786 Club member who visited her just a few years ago. She was ADM Rickover’s rock that he could lean on.

Please click on the link to read LT John Lindstedt’s (retired) essay, “The Hidden Rickover.” May she rest in God’s hands for eternity.