Testimony of ADM J. Frank Caldwell, Jr., Director of Naval Reactors, to the Senate Armed Services Committee Subcommittee on Strategic Forces (SASC-SF) on May 19, 2021

The attached is a  transcript of ADM Caldwell’s May 19, 2021 update to the SASC-SF on matters related to Naval nuclear powered propulsion. It is an excellent presentation of the many accomplishments of our nuclear powered assets (nuclear carriers and  attack & ballistic missile submarines) as well as how they are managed to ensure safety and effectiveness.  A host of other relevant topics and challenges are also discussed, including:

  • Reactor Technology Development;
  • The Columbia Class missile submarine reactors;
  • Refueling the S8G  training and research reactor in upstate New York;
  • Construction of the Naval Spent Fuel Handling Facility in Idaho;
  • Funding and staffing of the Technical Base needed to provide program direction and R&D that keeps America ahead of our enemies in nuclear propulsion; and the
  • Facilities and Infrastructure capabilities and needs of the Navy’s nuclear power propulsion program.

It highlights how our Navy maintains its strategic edge in nuclear power over our foreign enemies who continue to advance in their own (developed and stolen) nuclear propulsion technology.

Click here to read the prepared testimony.