December 8, 2020 – 786 Club Podcast

A Hawaii-based panel of the immediate past CO (CDR Ron Hatt), immediate past COB (CMC Chris Bean), the USS ILLINOIS Ombudsman (Rebekah Lotito) and the President of the USS ILLINOIS FRG (Lauren Pennington) team up to discuss: 1.  How to make a nuclear attack submarine “battle ready” in its workup to deployment in West Pac where our principal enemies are; 2. What a Chief of the Boat (COB) does in this regard and how the Covid Virus has complicated everything; 3. The role of the CO’s wife in supporting the Ombudsman and FRG (Family Readiness Group); 4. The role of the FRG in creating the ILLINOIS Ohana (Hawaiian for “family”) from the spouses and children; 5. The role of the 786 Club in supporting all of  the above.

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