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The 786 Club is a civilian, all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) organization, with the vision to create, “A Lifetime Alliance Between Crew and Citizen”.  Membership is open to anyone interested in showing support and appreciation to the sailors and families serving on the USS ILLINOIS.  The Club provides a thoroughly unique way to have a personal experience with the officers, sailors and families who protect our way of life.

The Club is managed by a set of By-Laws.  An elected 5 member board of directors provides oversight to a 5 member team of Club Officers who serve at the pleasure of the Board.  There are no paid positions in the Club, all monies raised are used to benefit the crew and families and to cover the expenses of operating the Club.

The 786 Club’s legal address is that of the Union League Club of Chicago which generously provides venues for meetings as well as a variety of connections to important organizations, activities and people state wide.  The Union League Club of Chicago has a long history of military support and formed the Armed Forces Council of Chicago in the 1980s as the 721 (USS CHICAGO) and 502 (502nd Infantry and 101st Airborne) volunteer organizations started.  The Armed Forces Council provides a 501(c)(3) umbrella under which to operate.  The 786 Club has joined the 721 and 502 as part of the Armed Forces Council and the Union League Club of Chicago.

Typical expenses for the 786 Club are:

  • Food, drink and venue charges for annual crew and family gathering.
  • Presents for children of the crew.
  • Regular contributions to the FRG (Family Readiness Group) at home port.
  • Expenses for Navy guest speakers at quarterly luncheons.
  • Travel, room and board for crew members to visit the State for various events.
  • One-Time-Only type expense to address special crew and family needs.
  • Administrative and miscellaneous expenses for Club operation; i.e. postage, printing, mileage, website expenses, etc.
  • (When Club members visit the the boat they do so at their own personal expense, some of which may be tax deductible.)

All these activities are paid for by initiation, annual dues and donations made to the 786 Club.  We invite everyone to join us in support of the USS ILLINOIS through active membership and regular donations.

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